If you’re looking for a puzzle game for your kids, you’re in the right place.

Candy Puzzle is a memory game for kids carefully designed to help children build memory skills.

As everybody knows, matching games are a great way to improve recognition and develop concentration while having fun.

As toddlers love Candies, this memory game will easily take place in your kid’s daily activities. In a recent study, it has been proven that regular mental exercise can greatly improve kids memory.

This game is available on App Store for iOS phones (iPhone and iPad) and Play Store for Android phones.

Download links

Candy Puzzle – Matching Pairs
Candy Pairs – Kids Puzzle Game

How to play Candy Puzzle game

The game contains 5 levels: Easy 2×3, Medium 3×4, Hard 4×5, Expert 5×6 and Genius 5×8
Each level contains a different number of candy cards and requires to be solved before the level time expires.
For each level, the player is required to tap the card buttons and memorize the candy behind in order to match its couple.

Game features

  • Colorful HD candies
  • Sound adjustment
  • Visual memory training
  • Multi levels with with growing difficulty
  • Simple interface for easy use and play
  • Candy puzzle is optimized for smartphones and tablets

Candy Puzzle game is designed for:

  • All children ages: Babies, Preschoolers, School children and Teens
  • Boys and Girls
  • School, Preschool and Nursery use
  • Suitable for autism / autistic children
  • Parents & Teachers

We advise parents to add this game into the kids mode to better control the apps your children are handling.

At Genius Kids Games, we build toddlers games to give your children the opportunity to learn, grow and become what they want!

We hope we’ll contribute to your children blossoming and success.

Developing games for toddlers is our patience, we are always ready to help and are open to any suggestions. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us.

Have fun 🙂